Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New stuff this year

Hi all,
Some things will be a little different this year at the 22nd Annual Jimmy's Old Car Picnic, so please take a look.

- Event day is SATURDAY this year, not Sunday as in previous years. Remind your friends, especially the ones who aren't internet savvy!
- Entry fee will be $40 at the gate. We had to raise the fee this year in order to cover the costs related to the sky-high permit fees. This is not something we wanted to do but we had to so the event could continue. If you can't afford the fee, please come out anyways as a spectator and enjoy the event.
- Year limit changed to 1980 and older. Please be aware that the year limit will be strictly enforced. The SFPD & Park Police will issue citations for traffic and parking violations.
- Super-sized vehicles. If you have a bus or anything large like this that you'd like to enter, please contact us for more information:

Thanks for your support and please keep checking back for updates!

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