Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sample Support Letter & Contact Info

Here's a sample support letter that you can use to show your support for keeping the Picnic in Golden Gate Park. Feel free to add your own details! Please remember to be positive and respectful and to copy us at THANKS!

"I strongly support the return of Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic to Golden Gate Park, and cannot understand why the city denied the picnic a permit for 2010. The picnic has been a San Francisco institution since 1988. Friends and family gather in the Park and enjoy a day of picnicking, visiting and checking out the old cars. This picnic is free to all spectators, and those that bring a car make a modest donation that goes to a charity assisting the developmentally disabled. How many free events are there left in San Francisco that appeal to young and old alike?

Jimmy’s picnic is in the best tradition of this city. It was started by a gardener for Rec and Park, and grew from a just a few cars the first year to the hundreds that turn out today. Over the years it has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity. Jimmy’s picnic is run by a non-profit, and there are no vendors, amplified sound or food or alcohol sales.

Over the 21 years that Jimmy’s picnic has been in the park, there has never been damage to the grass or any problems with neighbors. The crowd is car-loving and friendly, and very family oriented. With its proven track record, there is no reason to deny a permit to this event.

The parks are for all of the residents of San Francisco. Jimmy’s Old Car picnic is a chance for the people who grew up in the Avenues of the Richmond and the Sunset, as well as all over the City, to come together and celebrate the art of the old car, the hot rod, and car culture. You will see everything from a Model A Ford to a Rat Rod to a vintage Rolls Royce at the picnic. If it was made before 1972, it is there and so are those of us who love cars.

While the city may be moving toward a focus on larger, profit making events in Golden Gate Park, we should not lose events like Jimmy’s Picnic, a small family-friendly event that San Franciscans look forward to each year. I urge you to issue a permit to Jimmy’s Picnic!"


San Francisco Recreation and Park Commissioners: Mark Buell (president), Tom Harrison (vice-president), Gloria Bonilla, Michael Sullivan, David E. Lee, Larry Martin.
501 Stanyan Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Telephone: 415-831-2750FAX: 415-221-8034

Mayor: Gavin Newsom

City Hall, Room 200

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102

Telephone: (415) 554-6141

Fax: (415) 554-6160


Board of Supervisors:

Michela Alioto-Pier

District 2

(415) 554-7752 - Voice

(415) 554-7843 - Fax

John Avalos

District 11

(415) 554-6975 - Voice

(415) 554-6979 - Fax

David Campos

District 9

(415) 554-5144 - voice

(415) 554-6255 - fax

David Chiu - Board President

District 3

(415) 554-7450 - Voice

(415) 554-7454 - Fax

Carmen Chu

District 4

(415) 554-7460 - Voice

(415) 554-7432 - Fax

Chris Daly

District 6

(415) 554-7970 - Voice

(415) 554-7974 - Fax

Bevan Dufty

District 8

(415) 554-6968 - Voice

(415) 554-6909 - Fax

Sean Elsbernd

District 7

(415) 554-6516 - Voice

(415) 554-6546 - Fax

Eric Mar

District 1

(415) 554-7410 - Voice

(415) 554-7415 - Fax

Sophie Maxwell

District 10

(415) 554-7670 - Voice

(415) 554-7674 - Fax

Ross Mirkarimi

District 5

(415) 554-7630 - Voice

(415) 554-7634 - Fax

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