Friday, October 9, 2009

Important things to know about the Picnic

Another update because we keep getting the same questions from people over and over!

-First we'd like to thank the folks at Steele Rubber Products for donating two awesome prize packs to the raffle and to Pissed Off Pete for donating a sweatshirt & t-shirt too!

Important things you need to know about Sunday:
- The admission is $30, no exceptions. There is no guest list, no comps. We had to raise the fee so we could pay OUR fees to throw the Picnic. This is the only way we could even have the Picnic this year. On top of paying the fees, we will still benefit the Developmentally Disabled. We are a nonprofit organization who hosts this Picnic because we feel it is important to help out our Disabled friends and neighbors AND we love the event!
- NO MODERN CARS. We have a very strict permit and cannot allow modern cars into the show. If you do bring one, you will be turned away. This is an OLD Car Show.
- Please don't try to sneak in to avoid paying or to bring in your modern car. This is about respect. We hope that you respect what we are trying to provide for our Bay Area classic car community. It's not easy to plan this event and when people do this, it's very disrespectful.
- RESPECT the Park. In this age of digital cameras and instant internet access, if you decide to show off by doing donuts on the lawn or anything else that puts our permit at risk, a photo of your behavior might end up online as the "person who ruined it for everyone...." We also have the SFPD and Park Police to enforce the law.
- No vending! The City requires us to immediately report vending to the Park Police.
- Our rules are in place because we have to have them. If you aren't into them, no one is forcing you to attend.

This is a 21 year San Francisco tradition that welcomes all people with a good attitude! The Picnic is organized by family and friends who really love the event and work VERY hard to make it happen; we are not rich and we do not make money off this event. There's nothing else like it in San Francisco!
Jimmy's 21st Annual Old Car Picnic
Sunday, October 11, 2009
Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park, SF
Sunrise to Sunset
$30 admission for vehicles 1972 and older for details
Online store for merchandise:


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