Thursday, July 30, 2009

CHANGES for this year's Picnic!

You might know that we've been working with the SF Recreation & Park Department (R&P) for about half a year now to get the permit for this year's Picnic. R&P has made a lot of changes in the way it issues permits, so this process hasn't been easy. As a result, there are a few new things we'd like to share with you.

1. Jimmy's Annual Old Car Picnic is in the process of becoming an officially recognized non-profit organization! We've always been not-for-profit, but soon we'll be official! We've always existed to benefit programs for Developmentally Disabled and that will not change.

2. Because of much higher permit fees from R&P, we must raise the admission fee for participating vehicles from $20 to $30. This new fee will allow us to be able to pay for all the additional fees from R&P and to continue to make a donation to the Disabled. The old admission of $20 wouldn't cover the new higher fees, our costs, and still allow us to make a donation. If you cannot afford the raise in admission, leave your car at home and come out anyways! As always, spectators are free!

3. We cannot sell event t-shirts or posters at the event. R&P requires a percentage of the sales of these items (even though our event benefits their Adaptive Recreation program) and we don't want to deal with this. We will look into setting up an online store and will keep you posted.

4. We cannot allow any food vending on site (even if the vendor already has a permit with R&P). R&P is requiring us to call the Park Police if a vendor shows up. Please be aware of this and bring your own picnic lunch or bbq to the event.

Please spread the word about the new changes! If you have any questions, please let us know. We'll update as we learn more, as well. Thanks!

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